5 weeks ago today, I arrived home with a new puppy and immediately realized that, despite reading a pile of books on the subject, I had absolutely no idea how to raise a dog.

Day by day, we’ve been fumbling our way through the process, dealing with issues like nipping, feeding, house-breaking, socializing, training, comforting, and just coexisting with this adorable but needy creature.

Thank goodness for the internet and Ceaser Milan, without which our strategy would have involved a lot more crying and pleading with our dog to behave.

But we’re learning, slowing and surely. Learning how to care for him, learning how to maintain our sanity, and learning things about our own lives as well. And since today is our five week anniversary as a little family unit, I wanted to share with you 5 things Copernicus has taught us during that time.

1. Spontaneous affection, given at the right moment, can feel like codine, flowers, and a glass of good wine all rolled into one.

2. Remember, it’s just a chair / towel / headband / shoe. The teeth marks give it character. And if he eats the whole thing? Well, I’m pretty sure Target carries more.

3. Forgive and move on. The dog certainly has. He doesn’t understand grudges, and I’ve decided neither should I.

4. Meeting new people is exciting, invigorating, stupendous! Let’s do it as often as possible.

5. There’s nothing that a good nap can’t fix.

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