It’s been a few months since I talked about the newest member of my family here on my blog. Since some of you were asking for updated pictures, I figured I’d put together a quick post showing how my puppy’s been growing like a weed.

But as I was poking through my ridiculously overstuffed files of Copernicus pictures, I found myself laughing, tearing up, shaking my head, and grinning from ear-to-ear. Friends, having a dog in my life has been wonderful. So wonderful. So completely, ridiculously, incredibly wonderful that I can’t share these pictures without telling you a little bit about what this fluff ball means to me.

Having a dog means having someone to give me gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) reminders that I need to get outside and clear my head.

It means having someone to share my hobbies. For instance, I enjoy knitting and Copernicus enjoys eating my knitting projects.

It means having someone to introduce me to new and interesting people. First, Copernicus introduces himself by barreling head-first into their rump. Then it’s my time to shine.

It means having someone who teaches by example that naps are to be enjoyed daily and without guilt. And they’re even better when surrounded by your favorite things.

It means having someone constantly remind me that life is one, big, stupendously exciting occasion. And that we never can quite know what’s coming next.

It means having a furry shoulder to cry on, a buddy who will hide under my desk with me when it gets to be too much, and someone who knows just when my feet could use some warming up.

It means seeing the world through a lens of adventure, and taking it one new experience at a time.

Thank you, Copernicus. I can’t imagine life without you.

What does having a dog or cat mean to you? Have they changed your life in ways big or small?

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