“I received the most wonderful gift ever when I was given a portrait of my dog, Layla, painted by Adriana. When I look at the painting, I expect Layla to walk right off the canvas and into the room. Her expression is perfect! It not only looks like her, it FEELS like her. I can’t wait to have Adriana paint a portrait of my other standard poodle, Harpo. I have also seen some of Adriana’s paintings in her vegetable series, as well as some of her “Chicago” paintings and other landscapes. This girl has a remarkable talent.”

-Teri Saipe, Libertyville, IL

“I received 2 paintings of my dogs for Christmas and absolutely LOVE them! It is so hard to capture a dogs personality in a painting, but here there is no question, she nailed it! My nephew saw the painting before meeting the dog. When he met Lulu, his first comment was, “she is JUST like that painting”. Would not hesitate to order some for friends or family of their beloved four legged family members.””

-Jane, Fayettevile, NY

“My wife and I were so impressed with Adriana’s portrait of Earl that I knew we needed one of Earl’s brother, Warren. Adriana was great to work with throughout the whole process, from helping me pick out a photo that would make a good portrait all the way to making sure I was happy with every last detail of Warren’s whiskers. I know this isn’t the last portrait I’ll order from her!”

-Matt Samberg, Pittsburgh, PA

“When I saw the portrait of my sweet lab mix, Kaya, I honestly had tears in my eyes. I love her so much, and it’s incredibly special to have such a lovely piece of art that I’ll be able to keep forever. This painting will be something that will always hang in my home, no matter where I live. Adriana captured her so well–I’m amazed at Adriana’s talent and the care she puts into each custom piece of art that she creates.”

-April Bowles-Olin (Blacksburg Belle), Blacksburg, VA

“There was nothing quite like seeing my mom’s eyes light up when I handed her her birthday gift– a portrait of her beloved Cairn terrier, Sally. Adriana is an incredibly talented artist. She clearly adores animals, and was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

-Emilie Wapnick (Puttylike.com), Portland, OR

“We LOVE our painting of Gromit. The colors and texture really pop off the canvas, and Adriana captured his expression perfectly. It’s great to have such a lifelike reminder of how ridiculously adorable he was as a puppy.”

-Lara Durgavich, Arlington, MA

“I was looking for the perfect gift for my mom, a devoted owner of three rescue dogs, when I learned about Adriana’s dog portraits. I absolutely love the two pieces Adriana painted of Harris and Monty. Not only did she paint them in an extremely timely manner, but she also captured the unique characteristics of our pets. I am very pleased with her work and would highly recommend her!”

-Ellen Zuckerman, Phoenix, AZ

“One of my friends commissioned her college friend Adriana Willsie to paint us a portrait of Bella & Sadie. And immediately upon seeing it, I knew which photos of mine she’d used for inspiration… it is THAT amazing. […] Thank you to Adriana for the present of a lifetime and to the Boyce family for such a thoughtful gift!”

-Melissa Tuck, Athens, GA

“My sister loved the painting. She is getting it framed and then it is going up in her room. I think she mentioned even buying a piece of furniture for her room to match the painting! Thank you!!”

-Patricia Corvino, Chicago, IL

“I love them all! You seem to have captured such personality in each dog.”

-My Mom (it still counts!)

“I just got the package. The painting is stunning. I can’t take my eyes off of it. It truly looks like Lucy is smiling at us, and her fur looks so fluffy I just want to throw my arms around her neck and hug her. I can’t wait to surprise my husband with it. Thank you so much! What a treasure!”

– Dr. Julie Pearlman, Northbrook, IL

Hi there! I'll be taking maternity leave during the summer of 2018. If you'd like a pet portrait during this time, feel free to drop me a note (awillsie@gmail.com) and I'll let you know as soon as I'm back to the studio. Thanks! Dismiss