I got a very exciting call a few weeks ago.  My studio phone rang, and when I picked up, a very nice and well-spoken man introduced himself as Mark from Channel three.  Apparently, he was interested in my pet portrait business.  I happily chatted with him for about 5 minutes, thinking that he was in the process of ordering a pet portrait.  New clients often like to get a sense of what I’m about and how I work before pulling the trigger on an order.  But at some point, I realized that the two of us were having two entirely different conversations.  He wasn’t interested in putting in an order for a pet portrait.  He was an anchor, and wanted to feature my little business on the evening news!

This is the point at which I clammed up and became the most awkward and tongue-tied version of myself.  I somehow managed to get through the rest of the conversation without giving away how terribly shy I am in front of audiences, and we made a date for him to stop by my studio the following week with his camera crew.

Then, I did what any girl in my situation would do.  I called my bff so we could squeal together on the phone.  Then I creatively staged – I mean tidied up – my studio (what do you mean, I always organize my bookshelf by color.)  And then, of course, I took my dog to the groomer’s for a fresh haircut.  I usually let him look more or less like a dirty mop during the winter months, but I didn’t want everyone in the Wisconsin viewing area knowing about my lax canine beauty standards.

And then the big day was here.  Mark Koehn, the anchor who had contacted me, was the sweetest, most engaging person I’ve ever met.  Having a conversation with him felt totally natural, and I even forgot the cameras were there.  The piece aired earlier this month, and it was a blast to have friends from around the area tell me they had seen me (and my dog) on TV!

Just wanted to say a big ol’ THANK YOU to Mark Koehn and Channel 3 news – you guys are the best, and I couldn’t be more honored to be on your show!

You can watch the whole segment here.


Hi there! I'll be taking maternity leave during the summer of 2018. If you'd like a pet portrait during this time, feel free to drop me a note ( and I'll let you know as soon as I'm back to the studio. Thanks! Dismiss